3 Myths about Electronic Cigarettes: Busted!

Silly and misleading myths about electric cigarettes aren’t allowing you to take the most from this technology. Vape electronic cigarettes aren’t a trend but a new way to smoke.

Debunk the myths that are holding you back. Misleading facts are always a bad thing for both users and non-users. Let’s look further.

1. Everyone can buy vape electronic cigarettes. People do believe that everyone is allowed to buy e-cigarettes with no problems. Just like common cigarettes, kids aren’t allowed to buy them. While the vape electronic cigarettes supposed to be safer, there are still limitations for who can buy them and who can’t.

2. Vape electronic cigarettes are another tobacco product. While there is still a link between common cigarettes and the electronic ones, they are not the same time by miles. The manufacturing of common cigarettes involves around 7,000 different ingredients, most of them dangerous chemicals. On the other hand, the e-liquid used by vape electronic cigarettes have only 4 ingredients in it.

3. You can suffer an explosion while using a vape electronic cigarette. This cannot happen without external reasons. If you use a wrong charger, the device can suffer a breakdown voltage. Also, you cannot use the vape electronic cigarette while charging it. You will be safe, don’t worry.

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